Functional Capacity Evaluation

Occupational Therapists are professionals with education in the study of anatomy, injury and illness, and the impact of these on an individual's function.

OT's are holistic in their approach, considering the impact of physical, emotional and environmental factors on injury and rehabilitation. Through negotiation with the worker, employer, medical officers, insurance companies and other key-stakeholder, OT's promote rehabilitation, productivity and sustainable return to work programs.

In Return to Work OT's use a systematic approach to:

  • Assess the physical/cognitive/emotional demands of tasks
  • Identify barriers influencing return to work
  • Recommend innovative solutions, including modifications to the work environment and work practices
  • Provide biomechanical training such as ergonomics and manual handling

The key elements of an FCE include:

  • Detailed information gathering prior to the assessment including history taking, relevant medical information, and current treatment.
  • Seeking medical information if required from the person's doctor for the FCE.
  • A detailed physical evaluation
  • Physical tasks similar to actual work tasks where possible.
  • A clear written record of testing and scores.

After the Assessment:

  • Provide feedback to the client, and/or other relevant parties.
  • Follow up the client the next day to obtain post assessment status where appropriate.
  • Use the test findings to work out the person's proposed abilities over a full workday.
  • Complete a job match, that is, offer a professional opinion about whether a person will be able to perform a job.
  • complete a report

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Our Coach is strong and fit, so her knowledge and presentation is real.

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Thank you for making a fairly boring subject informative and fun!



Matt has helped me heaps, he has taught me what it means to have an acquired brain injury.

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