Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training can aid in the prevention of disability, illness and injury in the workplace and also minimise the amount of Worker's Compensation claims and costs for insurance.

The National Standards for Manual Handling (NOHSC - 1990) and the National Code of Practice for Manual Handling (NOHSC: 2005 - 1990) provide legislation for all employers.

It is the employer's responsibility as defined by legislation:

  • To provide a safe work environment
  • To provide and maintain appropriate Manual Handling aids and equipment
  • To provide appropriate staff training
  • To identify, assess and control all the risks within the workplace
  • To keep staff informed of their rights and any changes to the Manual Handling Legislation

OHRS Manual Handling Training Provides:

  • Training guided by the National Code of Practice for Manual Handling
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Clinical and non clinical staff
  • Risk Identification and control
  • Hands-on practical learning
  • Work Station Assessments
  • Provided with Information booklets
  • Training conducted in house
  • All equipment supplied, includes wheelchairs, hoists, electric beds, slide sheets, Johnny Belts and many more.

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Matt has helped me heaps, he has taught me what it means to have an acquired brain injury.

Adam S


Interesting, lively.



Good mixture of information, participation by group and hands on experience.