Medico Legal Assessments

We provide Medico Legal Assessments and Reports for solicitors, insurers and other parties to assist in determining the impact of an injury on a person's life and functional ability in home, work and community-based tasks. The Accredited Occupational Therapist acts as an Independent Expert Witness to inform the legal process in the areas of motor vehicle accident trauma, work-related injury/illness, public liability and/or professional negligence.

The assessment identifies the current level of independence and functional capacity, pre-injury and post-injury functional status, reported post-injury levels of care and any requirements for future care.

The assessment is conducted by observation of performance of specific activities, interview with the subject person and family/carers where possible, environmental assessment and review of available medical reports.

The Occupational Therapy Home and Independent Living Skills Report documents functional ability in the areas of personal and domestic function, work, education and leisure, community access and ability to care for others (where relevant eg children).

Additional recommendations are also provided, which may include access to services (eg psychology, physiotherapy) or assessments (eg neuropsychological assessment), prescription of equipment or environmental modifications.

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