Work Station Assessments

Get more out of your staff by providing them with specific tailored workstations.

Neck pain, eye strain, back pain, carpel tunnel and other wrist injuries can all be managed with a comprehensive workstation assessment.

Most office chairs and desks in the market today are ergonomically adjustable, but most people don't know how to use them or set them up appropriately. We can assess your staff's desk, chair and workstation so they are working in an optimal ergonomic environment.

Our Workstation Assessment involves reviewing current workstation set up, completing the workstation checklist, making changes to the work station and creating a workstation poster (optional) for a visual daily reminder on correct posture and work station set up.

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Thank you for making a fairly boring subject informative and fun!



Good mixture of information, participation by group and hands on experience.



Our Coach is strong and fit, so her knowledge and presentation is real.

Allan W, Tweed Valley Respite